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Improve reading by focussing on interests 


One of the best ways to teach children to read or improve their reading skills is to use books or magazines that the child is interested in. Right from the beginning children have individual likes and dislikes. Focus on what your child is currently interested in and use that interest to motivate them to read.

Your local librarian will be a great source of knowledge to find books or magazines that contain content your child will be particularly interested in. If your kids, are finding in difficult to learn to read or may not be that interested in reading, find books, magazines, comics, carefully monitored interest articles, anything that will hold their attention and get them interested in reading and motivated to read.

Child friendly magazines

Boy reading - Improve reading, focus on their interestsThere are many child friendly magazines that you can subscribe to. I recommending doing thorough research to find a magazine that your child will be interested in before subscribing. Teaching reading to your child is so much easier when children are reading a subject that they naturally want to know more about.

Having a magazine arrive in the mail on a regular basis is a treat for children they really look forward to. Alternatively, you might subscribe to an eZine Application that your child views on an electronic device. Having the magazine arrive by snail mail, or via the more modern iPad method of magazine subscriptions - either is a good option. The most important factor is that your child is reading, and the more children read the better readers they become. 

Here's a link to a list of the top ten picks for children's magazines.

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"Thanks Jen for your 'Teach children to read' book, it was exactly what I was looking for - a fun, interactive and play based program. It provided an easy to follow guide that made sense!" 

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