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Improve reading

Read better by improving reading habits 


Most people would like to improve their reading skills, they have a desire to read faster and comprehend more.

Reading is an activity that can be both entertaining and fascinating. Reading can improve intellect and enhance success. However, even though most people want to improve their reading skills, few people increase the amount of reading they undertake. Research suggested the key to improve reading skills is to read more often.

Reading studies

A comprehensive analysis of reading patterns in the United, with statistics from more than 40 studies on the reading habits and skills of children, teenagers, and adults found that:

  • Teenagers and young adults are reading less often and for shorter amounts of time.
  • Less than a third of younger teens read on a daily basis, 14% less than twenty years ago.
  • With older teenagers the number of people claiming not to read daily has doubled.
  • On average, people aged 15 to 24 spend approximately two hours a day watching television and only seven minutes a day reading.

Our reading skills are also declining. Reading scores continue to worsen, especially among teenagers and young males, however interestingly the average reading scores of 9-10 year old children have improved. Which suggests that around the age of eleven to twelve years, we begin to read less often and consequently our reading skills decline.

Reading scores for adults of almost all education levels have also deteriorated, notably among the best-educated groups.

Tips to read better

Here are some tips to read more often and consequently improve your reading speed and comprehension:

1. Always have a book handy. Make a habit of dropping into your local library, or browsing through an online bookshop and having books on hand when you get some leisure time. Keep reading material close by, in your bag, car or on an electronic device. Have a book by your bedside, reading before bed or before getting out of bed in the morning is a good habit to develop.

2. Join a local or online book-club, see what others are reading and more importantly, what books they are recommending.

3. Keep track of books you have read and books you want to read. When waiting at the airport, or at your local shopping mart wander through the book shop. Check out the top seller list and take some notes of titles or authors that interest you. You may be able to reserve these books at your local library, pick them up second hand or purchase them cheaper online.

4. Limit the amount of television or screen time each day. With the box and screen off, you are far more likely to pick up that book.

5. When driving try listening to audio books or podcasts, it can be refreshing change from 'drive time' radio.

6. Read to others - your partner, your children or other people's children on a regular basis. Your reading will improve and your audience will enjoy the experience as well.

7. Make a goal to read more often, set a realistic target and track your progress. Often the more you read, the more you want to read. So you may find that your original target is easier to obtain than you first thought.

Read better - Summary

The best way to read better and improve reading speed and comprehension is to read everyday. Set yourself a goal to read a minimum of 20 minutes each day. By reading more regularly you will find reading fluency increases and also the amount of enjoyment and pleasure you receive get from reading will elevate.

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